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About Us


Here at FBN Transportation LLC, a 100% owner-operator fleet, driver appreciation is a constant striving goal.

FBN Transportation LLC
FBN Transportation LLC
Since 1993, FBN Transportation LLC, two young men had a dream of not just starting another ordinary trucking company, but one that will make a difference in the lives of the families involved.
One of our goals is to provide a stable family-oriented company where an individual can work and provide a decent living for his/her family.  It has never been about the money but making a difference in those lives and our community.
We are a 100% Owner Op fleet that takes pride in treating a driver as one of our own.  Whether you own your own equipment or are looking for a chance to become an O/O, our motto is “No problems, just solutions” which means keeping you on the road with no hassles and quick settlements.
Ready to start a new adventure?  Come be a part of our family!