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To whom it may concern” My name is Phillip Pettijohn,

I have been leased to FBN Transportation for going on 5 years this June. I heard about them thru word of mouth from a driver over lunch one day. I was working for a large company at the time where are you were was a number to them. These guys at FBN is a family oriented company. They treat you like a human being with a lot of respect!!. I can not emphasize that word ‘Respect’ enough! They have always been here for me thru the good times and the rough times. I dispatch myself and am in total 100% control of when and where I go. NO FORCED DISPATCH! I get paid weekly and have NEVER missed a payday. No hidden fees and misc charges coming out of my check. The pay sheet is so simply layed out a child could read it. No guess work!    

For anyone considering a career move to another company I would highly recommend  giving FBN a call, you wont be sorry. YOU ARE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION, NO ONE PUSHING YOU BUT YOURSELF !!! Again in closing, I have worked for several different companys over the last 21 years and I have not seen anyone more fair and a pleasure to work with. I plan on retiring from here. Not only are they a great place to work Im also proud to have them as friends.

Sincerely Phillip Pettijohn, Rush Springs, Ok